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ADAS Equipment


AdasLink can perform dynamic calibrations by itself, or it can be paired with the all-in-one Bosch DAS3000 for static calibrations, providing on-screen guidance for set-up and positioning.


  • Dynamic (driving) ADAS calibration coverage included

  • Static (fixture) ADAS calibration available with DAS 3000

  • FCA Secure gateway compatible

  • Pre and Post scan ready

  • For use in any bay, with or without Hunter aligner

  • Powered by Bosch

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With quick setup, innovative multi-function-fixture, robust but maneuverable design, and a broad selection of adjustable calibration targets, the DAS 3000 is ready for multiple applications within the automotive workshop.

  • No more plumb bob and tape measures

  • Integrated cameras reference wheel targets for on-screen guided positioning with ADASLink

  • Hunter training and support

  • First year of static calibration software included

  • Powered by Bosch

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