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    Inspection Program

    ODP offers a variety of services to help you optimize your business. Don’t wait until your equipment fails – start today with our annual inspection program.

    Your bottom line never has to take a hit with ODP’s Digital Inspection Program. 


    Targeted inspections to ensure proper performance of equipment and compliance. 


    Summaries provided to expedite repair decisions.


    All inspections available in downloadable reports!

    A typical lift inspection involves a technician completing an inspection on a paper form. This form is normally covered in greasy fingerprints, with handwriting that is barely legible. When finished, you have to find a place to store them and the inspection offers no transparency into issues that are uncovered.

    Optimized Distribution Partners is offering a different solution. When the inspection is complete, the technician will go over the results with you, showing you photos of any concerns, and discuss solution options. Once completed, you can choose to receive the digital copies of the inspection, or we can store them on our server, available to you at any time. This provides transparency and convenience to our customers.

    Contact us today to schedule your digital inspections!  

    Program Goals:

    We provide inspections to all vehicle lifting equipment regardless of manufacturer or model. The goal of this program is to ensure that all lifts:

    • Are safe to operate

    • Perform their intended functions properly 

    • Comply with the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) and the manufacturers annual inspection requirements.

    Extend & Expand

    With the implementation of this program, your lift should be able to last longer. Taking care of your lifts means less time fixing it and more time doing what counts.

    *Please note that annual inspections do not replace the daily, weekly, or monthly checks that your company should be performing on all lift equipment*