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Exciting New Products

SEMA Las Vegas 2022

SEMA 2022 was absolutely amazing this year and we were excited to see the new product reveals from some of our favorite manufacturers! Here's a list of some of the products we're excited to hit the market:

Hunter Engineering TCM: Maverick

This new tire changer from Hunter comes with new features that are made to give technicians full control! Fully Variable Controls give you complete authority in the tire changing process!

SmartSet Toolhead

  • Indicator notch shows proper height set
  • Demounting hook deploys to catch and lift bead
  • Eliminate lever damage risk to the operator and rim
  • Safely and easily service clad and raised spoke wheels

Smart Software

  • Monitors roller and hook positions to prevent unintended wheel contact
  • Logic automatically "homes" rollers, head, and wheel lift for hands-free productivity
  • Allows customization of travel and rotate speeds, ramp rate, and more!

Fully Variable Controls

  • Fine-control or fast on-demand
  • Hydraulic precision easier than air controls
  • Ergonomic for all-day use
  • Excellent tactile feedback - one finger control for all functions

Hunter Engineering TCX59 Pro

This upgraded tire changer has all the great features of it's original counterpart (the TCX59) but has been upgraded with a new hybrid leverless tool head and improved FastBlast Inflation System!

Hybrid Leverless Toolhead

  • Lifts bead without use of levers
  • Reduces wheel risk and tire damage risk
  • Unique tilting lip keeps bead in position during demounting
  • Ergonomic controls reduce operator fatigue

Locking Lower Arm

  • Demount heavy, stiff, or wide tires easily with roller disc
  • Lower locking arm allows operator to spin the tire for match mounting

FastBlast Inflation System

  • Designed with truck and SUV service in mind, the new top-side blast inflation system is optimized to seat even the most difficult tires
  • Large 6.5 gallon air tank features a higher capacity than more portable inflation devices

Challenger CL12 HD Adjustable Width

Challenger has added an "Adjustable Width" option to their CL12 2 Post lift! You can now accommodate a wide ranger of standard cars, trucks, vans, and SUV's within the same service bay with an optional width and height adjustment determined at installation.  Standard features also include 3-stage front and rear arms and premium telescoping footpads!

Challenger Medium Duty Mobile Columns

Bring the shop anywhere with Challenger’s medium-duty mobile column lifting system, capable of lifting 5,000 lbs. per column on any solid surface. Built with a heavy-duty tow handles and spring-loaded wheels for comfortable maneuverability. Lift any rubber-tired vehicle  up to 20,000 lbs. with four columns connected wirelessly.

Challenger EW1020 & EW1220 Wide Inground

Challengers 10,000 & 12,000 lbs. hydraulic inground lifts provide an extra-wide drive-through clearance for servicing wide-bodied and electric vehicles. Their design allows for battery-lowering out of electric vehicles and they come standard with True 3-Stage arms and double-telescoping screw pads. Bench-mounted controls are optional.

The EW1020 & EX1220 can handle some of the widest cars currently on the market, such as the RAM® TRX, Hummer® EV, Tesla® Model X & Ford® Mach-E.

Challenger BT3000 & BT3300 Lift Table

Also new to the market, Challenger has released battery lift tables which are used to facilitate and safely perform the installation and removal of EV batteries, electric car battery packs, transmissions, gearboxes, clutches, engines and various components of the car chassis.

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