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Challenger Lifts

44040, 44050, 44060 HD Series

44040, 44050, 44060 HD Lift Series

We designed our 40,000 lb. to 60,000 lb. lifts as an economic high capacity lifting solution in a traditional 4-post design. Diamond plated anti-skid runways and ramps provide for positive vehicle traction. The synchro-power system has dual heavy-duty lift cylinders as well as lever controls, which provide variable or synchronous power to the front and/or rear suspension of the lift, making it perfect for lifting large axle vehicles with heavier front or rear ends, including waste trucks and other construction trucks.

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44040, 44050, 44060 Features:

  • 40,000 - 60,000lbs lifting capacity for heavy duty commercial trucks and transit vehicles.

  • Heavy duty, tensile strength leaf chain and sealed roller bearings for maximum reliability.

  • Variable-synchro power system with dual hydraulic lift cylinders prove the ability to variably or simultaneously raise the front or rear lift suspension, providing a stable platform when lifting vehicles with heavier front or rear axles.

  • Single point air actuated lock release system allows technicians to disengage all column locks simultaneously.

  • Built-in runway rail system for optional convenience accessories like rolling jacks and sliding oil drain pan.