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SKYLIFT-Platform Lift

SKYLIFT merges smart design with heavy-duty lifting power, a combination that makes it a popular choice for heavy-duty platform users worldwide. 

Its elegant design includes two independent platforms that rise straight up yet require a minimal foundation. The lift’s y-shaped construction creates a clear working area without crossbeams, scissors or bulky columns, giving a technician room to move freely under the platforms. 

SKYLIFT rises to 69” and can hold up to 78,000 pounds. 

Its multiple safety features include safeguards to prevent overloading and uncontrolled descents. A monitoring system constantly monitors and adjusts the lift, always guaranteeing safe operation. 

The design also offers plenty of versatility. SKYLIFT can be flush or surface mounted. And if your operation services longer loads, two lifts can be installed in tandem to serve vehicles up to 100’ long and 156,000 pounds. 

Like other Stertil Koni lifts, SKYLIFT  is  equipped with the free-standing, touchscreen eBright Smart Control System. With just a glance or a touch of the screen, technicians can monitor and operate the lift, plus keep track of needed service and maintenance.

Requiring little maintenance and ample customization, SKYLIFT offers a high return on investment.

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                            • Free access from all sides
                              No overhang, no crossbeams, no base frame
                            • Mechanical locking system
                            • True vertical lifting
                            • Available in flush or surface mounted
                            • Tandem configuration, up to 100 ft. in length with capacity of 156,000 lbs.
                              Automatic safeguard against overloading or uncontrolled descent
                            • eBright Smart Control Console

                            Safe Workplace

                            The SKYLIFT has enough head space to work comfortably underneath the lift with a generous vehicle lifting height of 69". Additionally, there is a programmable height for every installation. The SKYLIFT flush-mounted version is available recess cover plates which automatically raise with the lift to fill the recesses - no gaps are left on the floor. The clear floor space and overhead height makes your mechanic's job safer, faster, and gets your vehicle off the lift and back on the road.

                            Easy & Quick Installation

                            The SKYLIFT Surface Mount requires only 16 installation anchors in your floor. You can keep your workshop open while installing a new SKYLIFT, further maximizing your shop's productivity. 

                            SKYLIFT - An Innovative Platform Lifting System Anti-Slip Systems

                            Special aluminum anti-slip plates are available for installation on the platforms. Stertil-Koni also developed a tough new Stertil Guard Anti-Skid 3-component epoxy topcoat for superior grip and abrasion resistanct. Both methos guarantee a perfect anti-slip effect and keep your platforms in better condition for longer.

                            SKYLIFT - Kenworth Installation Automatic Synchronization

                            All SKYLIFT platform lifts have an individual measuring system. As a result, the synchronization of the lift in continuously monitored and minor corrections made where necessary. The reliable and robust hydraulic lifting system requires virtually no maintenace. 

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