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Bench Lathe

Bench Lathe

The BL Series Bench Lathe is a combination lathe that brings speed, precision and versatility to your brake shop. The unique design of this combination lathe allows the operator to change the setup of the brake lathe from rotors to drums and vice versa with unprecedented speed and ease.

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Bench Lathe Features:

Anti-Chatter Technology

  • Anti-Chatter Technology varies the spindle speed to keep chatter-inducing vibration from starting, resulting in a smooth finish.

  • When machining at a fixed-speed, chatter can start almost immediately. Once that happens, it is already too late; the surface has been ruined.

  • ACT eliminates the need for hazardous bands, clips or silencer belts needed to control vibration.

Adjustable Feed Rate & Calibration

  • Dial in adjustable feed rate for faster, rapid removal to a slower, final surface finish. Allows technicians to cut rotors in one pass.

  • The calibration procedure for drums and rotors takes seconds, helping to prevent accidental removal of excess material.

Digi-Cal Measurement

  • Instantly measure rotor dimensions and depth of cut.

  • Measuring system is located in housing on the end of the cutter shaft.

  • Bright LED lights put light where you need it - on the backside of the rotor

  • Does not lose calibration when turned off or stored.