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HawkEye XL Alignment Machine

Fast and highly-capable heavy-duty alignment machine

  • Three-dimensional XL targets  are durable, low maintenance, and non-electronic

  • High-definition cameras  are accurate, precise, and offer extra-long-range sight

  • Capture all measurements in a  single rolling compensation

  • See live alignment reading from  three axles at once

  • Fully Integrated Alignment  rack integration streamlines processes

  • HunterNet® 2 connectivity  to see and manage your performance

  • Perform wheel alignment on any surface, in any bay.

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XL Targets

Hunter's patented 3D targets offer extreme durability, low maintenance, and no electronics at the wheel.

High-definition Cameras

Extra-long range, high-resolution cameras precisely monitor each wheel in a 3D space to provide pinpoint accurate measurements.

Multi-Axle Readings

See live alignment readings from three axles at one time with guided procedures.

Alignments in Any Bay

Move the aligner for use in any bay, on the floor or a lift with adjustable camera beam.

Trailer Alignment

Long range cameras easily see targets on 53 foot trailers. Align using optional kingpin adaptor.

Truck Pusher

Effortlessly move vehicle for rolling comp with rechargeable battery-powered pusher.