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WinAlign HD

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WinAlign HD

Reduce setup times and provide accurate alignment readings on multi-axle trucks. Self-centering, cordless sensors allow you to see live measurements on three axles.  

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WinAlign HD Features:

HunterNet Online Business Tools

  • Easy-to-understand report measures output, opportunities & achievements.

  • Easily see shop performance over time and ensure utmost utilization

  • Communicate results and maintain customer data & automatically display inspection results.

Fast & Accurate Results

  • 3-Axle alignment readings in 3 minutes

  • Minimal setup time:   HD QuickGrip® Adaptors allow for fast installation and no metal-to metal contact.

  • Fast Procedure:  Hunter can capture heavy-duty wheel alignment readings in three minutes.

  • Fast Printouts:  Easy-to-understand printouts help sell service.


  • Hunter's DSP760T heavy-duty alignment sensors reduce setup time and provide accurate alignment readings.

  • See all six sensors live to measure alignment angles and diagnose tire wear conditions.