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AutoComp Elite

AutoComp Elite

The AutoComp Elite® brake lathe from Hunter Engineering features a patented Variable-Speed Drive System and Anti-Chatter Technology to service rotors at the fastest possible speed without sacrificing quality by virtually eliminating the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed.

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AutoComp Elite Features:

Anti-Chatter Technology

  • Anti-Chatter Technology varies the spindle speed to keep chatter-inducing vibration from starting, resulting in a smooth finish.

  • When machining at a fixed-speed, chatter can start almost immediately. Once that happens, it is already too late; the surface has been ruined.

  • ACT eliminates the need for hazardous bands, clips or silencer belts needed to control vibration.

Increased Speed & Accuracy

  • Hunter's AutoComp Elite® on-vehicle brake lathe compensates in under 12 seconds, on average, using direct compensation. Other methods may take up to two minutes using wandering compensation.

  • Automatic Compensation enhances speed and accuracy by calculating the exact position of the compensation plates to eliminate guesswork. Direct compensation exceeds the most stringent OE requirements and can make as many as 5 adjustments in a single revolution.

Digi-Cal Measurement

  • Instantly measure rotor dimensions and depth of cut.

  • Measuring system is located in house on the end of the cutter shaft. 

  • Bright LED lights put light where you need it - on the back side of the rotor.

  • Does not lose calibration when turned off or stored.