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What are your service areas?

We serve the Denver, Colorado area.

We offer a wide range of automobile equipment, including Champion, Maverick, and Hunter.

We don’t offer installation or maintenance services for our equipment; however, we do offer EC design services in order to 3D render your space and make sure the equipment you are looking to purchase will fit perfectly.

When you purchase a lift, it will come with an optional 5-year warranty. This warranty will include replacement parts, 5 annual checkups, 5 6-month checkups, and labor fees.

With a digital inspection program, it will be easier to ensure all your equipment stays up to standard. Detailed results of the inspections will be available for you to view within minutes, and you can stay on top of getting anything replaced or upgraded.

Depending on which type of residential auto life you get, it can handle small vehicles between 7,000-10,000 pounds at most.

We provide 2 and 4 post car lifts, residential auto lifts, scissor and pad lifts, alignment lifts, and inground lifts.

Regular maintenance is very necessary. Doing regular digital inspections will ensure you are always kept up to date on what needs to be maintained.