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With 15 years in business, Ascent Systems has designed and installed automotive systems for dealerships, high performance facilities, and light construction needs. Their systems are versatile, made with quality components, and affordable! 

How It Works:

Extended Hose

The open damper allows exhaust to be evacuated and for the exhaust hose to be extended.


The closed damper restricts the airflow and assists the exhaust hose to retract into the hose holster due to the negative pressure created by the exhaust fan.

Stored Position

At full retraction, the tailpipe adapter rests in the hose holster cradle—even when the exhaust fan is off.

Standard Fix-Mounted System

Easy to Use Quick Extension

The Vacuum Holster™ offers simple and easy operation for service technicians. The exhaust hose is flexible and easy to maneuver, and provides excellent coverage. It’s simple to attach the tailpipe adapter to any vehicle, and its rubber boot and attachment device will not scratch vehicles. Whether in a fixed-mounted configuration or used in conjunction with the Apex Rail, the Vacuum Holster uses the suction of the exhaust fan to assist in retracting the exhaust hose into the Hose Holster.

A closed damper utilizes the negative pressure that restricts airflow into the hose. This pressure assists in retraction of the hose and tailpipe adapter into the hose holster for storage. This makes it easy to retract and creates a clean, professional facility appearance. And our unique  Remote Start  option give technicians ability to start/stop the exhaust fan from each bay.

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Energy Saving

While other exhaust removal systems may offer dampers as accessories, only the Vacuum Holster requires the operator to close the damper in order to retract the exhaust hose. This means that out-of-use hoses do not exhaust heated/cooled air. This results in lower energy costs.

The heat loss—and consequent utility expenses — that can occur because of undampered hose drops can be surprisingly high.

Health & Safety

Don’t accept harmful fumes in your facility! The most effective solution is to capture contaminants at the emission source with a source-capture emissions removal system. Make sure your fleet service facility has an effective and easy-to-use product to remove unhealthy exhaust fumes. Your personnel’s health directly affects your business’ productivity.  
Ascent Systems' products create a cleaner, healthier, and more professional environment for service technicians. The user-friendly operation of the Vacuum Holster makes it convenient for technicians to capture and evacuate emissions from vehicles. The patented retraction method guarantees no awkwardly hanging hoses, and the overhead exhaust system approach ensures there are no open or broken door ports, as with underground systems.

Multiple Assemblies

Apex Rail Assembly:  
The Apex Rail allows the Vacuum Holster™ to be suspended from a sliding trolley that can be moved across the entire length of the trolly. For service techs, this means that fewer holsters are needed in the service area leaving you with a clean, organized, and professional appearance.

Weight: 7 lbs./lineal foot 

Trolley Assembly: 
Ascent’s Vacuum Holsters™ move with ease along the length of the aluminum rail and feature an optional on/off remote. ODP can adjust the number of trolleys installed in your shop, based on dealership or shop needs as well as local code requirements. Custom colors are available upon request to match the design of your shop and/or brand colors.

Weight: 35 lbs., trolley only; Vacuum Holster™ is typically 25 lbs.

Affordable Quality

The Vacuum Holster system is competitively priced with budget-friendly systems, while offering high quality components and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The simplicity of the system’s design limits replacement and maintenance costs. Unlike underground systems, the Vacuum Holster does not require periodic clean outs.  

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