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Why Schedule an Annual Inspection

If you own a business in the automotive industry, you might have heard about a little thing called an Annual Inspection. In truth, scheduling your annual inspections is no little thing. Regular maintenance can bring a slew of benefits including finding damage before it occurs, lowering the injury rates, and increasing productivity.

Checking for Damage
Checking for damage early and often means that anything that could turn dangerous is caught before an accident occurs. It is critical to find broken or rusted parts on equipment that your technicians are using every day!

Regular inspections should keep your parts and equipment in good operational condition. Especially if you invest in ODP's Inspection Program, as we keep an inventory of parts ready to service your equipment day-of and if we can't fix it on-site, we'll prepare a comprehensive plan to get your equipment fixed as soon as possible! 

Lowers the Risk of Injuries

By ensuring your equipment is safe to operate, you're guaranteeing a safe environment for your technicians to work in. Without this, technicians can unintentionally be harmed, effecting their ability to work. You'll also be required to pay Workers Compensation to your injured employee, further hurting your bottom line. 

However, when employees feel valued and safe, they tend to be more efficient and productive! 

Increased Productivity

What happens when equipment isn't serviced regularly? Eventually, it breaks. Once the equipment breaks, there's no predicting if you're looking at an easy fix or a total replacement. Either way, it means dreaded down-time resulting in lost profits, and it can harm your reputation.

Keeping equipment serviced properly should help everything run smoother, for longer; meaning your technicians will be happier and so will your customers. 

So in the long run, is spending a little extra time and money on an annual lift inspection worth it? We think so! Which is why we always recommend annual inspections, especially to businesses with tight budgets. Think of it as an early detection system that saves you money and time!

Learn more about ODP's Inspection Program and call 303-278-7790 or click here to schedule your inspection today and get ahead of any potential future issues. 

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