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Road Force Elite

Road Force Elite

The world's fastest diagnostic wheel balancer; providing a faster balance than any traditional balancer.

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Road Force Elite Features:

Faster Balance

  • Balance and measure Road Force® in 70 seconds.

  • 47% faster than previous models

  • Eliminates manual dimension entry and runout measurement to save time.

StraightTrak Corrects Tire Pull

    1. Customer complains that their vehicle is pulling to the left.
    1. Lateral force measurement is performed without time penalty using the Road Force® Elite wheel balancer.
    1. Lateral forces are balanced, eliminating vehicle pull.

Save Time & Money

  • Modern vehicles are 4 times more sensitive to static vibration forces than couple or dynamic forces.

  • Avoid an average of 66 comebacks per year by using SmartWeight® technology.

  • An average shop saves 7,130 ounces of weight per year with Smartweight® technology.