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We offered a variety of services to all kinds of shops, big or small. From lift installation to general equipment repair, we do it all so that you can focus on what matters.

Our Services

Lift Installations & Removal

We do lift installations in a wide variety of shops and for homeowners as well. This includes lifts in the 7,000lbs - 20,000lbs capacity range. Just want a lift removed? We can do that too!

Moving & Reinstalling Lifts

We understand that sometimes unexpected changes happen which is why we also offer service to move and reinstall lifts. Our service team will help you decide where your lift would fit best and go over all your options with you to make sure all your needs are being met. 

Digital Lift Inspections

Using digital inspections, our service team can inspect your lifts to make sure they're still in good condition and operating safely. After the inspection, you'll receive a digital copy for your records and your lift will be fitted with our inspection label.

Air Compressor Maintenance

We offer services to do oil, oil breather, and air filter changes on your compressor as well as dryer inspections to make sure your compressor is still in operating condition.

General Repair 

Is your lift making a noise it shouldn't be? Fluid leaking without explanation? Our service team is equipped to handle spontaneous issues. With parts we keep in stock in our warehouse, we're able to fix most issues same day!