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2-Post Lifts

Steril Koni’s 2-post lifts, also called the FREEDOM LIFT, combine exceptional lifting capacity with wheels-free access.

The two FREEDOM LIFT models can raise vehicles up to 16,000 lbs. The clean, ergonomic design features wheels-free lifting and telescopic swing arms, with no overhead mechanical structure. It’s a symmetrical, open-floor design that ensures optimal safety while making the most of your workspace.

Both lifts are equipped with an independent mechanical locking system that starts eight inches above the floor and continues every 1 ¼ inches for the entire height of the lift. And it’s fast — smoothly lifting to its maximum height in just 58 seconds.

Choose from two FREEDOM LIFT models:

  • SK 2.16.  With double telescopic arms
  • SK 2.16EFA.  With extended flex arms

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              • Flexible & efficient

              • Optimal workshop space

              • Single & Double telescopic arms

              • Extended Flex Arms (EFA) offers maximum flexibility

              • ANSI/ALI-ALCTV/CSA Certified

              Single & Double Telescopic Arms

              The FREEDOMLIFT is available with single and double telescopic lifting arms or a combination of both. Different arm configurations can be chosen for various widths between the columns. The FREEDOMLIFT is constructed with integrated sliding plates in the arms to assure easy adjustment of the arms.

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