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4-Post Lifts

Stertil-Koni offers four models of its Heavy Duty 4-Post Lift, with the capacity to handle a broad range of commercial vehicles. Each lift is packed with safety features and functionality. All four models are built with dependable hydraulic technology, low drive-on height, automatic overload protection, independent mechanical locking systems, and the ability to configure them in tandem. 

These lifts can raise anywhere from 30,000 to 132,000 pounds. They’re ideal for low-ground-clearance vehicles and can even accommodate 3-wheel forklift trucks.

Choose from four models:

  • ST 4120. One of the most advanced and unique medium-capacity HD four-post lifts. It features electronic synchronization and can lift 30,000 lbs.
  • ST 4175. This model features a cross-beam-free design, giving technicians complete access under the lift. It can handle vehicles weighing up to 50,000 lbs.
  • ST 4250. A stand-out in heavy-duty lifting, the ST 4250 has a capacity of 66,000 lbs. In a tandem configuration, it can raise a total of 132,000 lbs. 
  • ST 4600. Regarded as the largest certified platform lift of its type in North America, this model can lift vehicles weighing as much as 132,000 lbs.

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              • Dependable hydraulic technology

              • Very low drive-on height

              • Ideal for low-ground clearance vehicles

              • Runways available in multiple lengths (depending on model)

              • Automatic overload protection

              • Independent mechanical locking system

              • Tandem configurations

              ST 4120

              Ideal for vans, trucks, and forklift trucks, the ST 4120 features a space-saving design and a hydraulic cylinder in every post. It is electronically synchronized with potentiometers linked to a micro-processor that precisely monitors parallel lifting of the two runways.

              ST 4175

              Completely free of cross beams, this platform lift ensures big lifting with total access to the vehicle. In addition, the drive-on height is just 9.5 inches and has a patented mechanical locking mechanism that is always active. 

              ST 4250

              The 4250 platform lift is also free of cross beams and engineered with a low-maintenance hydraulic system, tested at 20,000 cycles at maximum load to ensure top performance every time. When installed in a tandem configuration, it delivers a robust capacity of 132,000 lbs.

              ST 4600

              Hallmarks include: High stability, low drive-on height, extensive locking positions, state-of-the-art hydraulic technology.

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