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Challenger Lifts


Challenger AR4115

78" Rise Height, 142“ Overall Width, 250.75“ Overall Length

ALI Certified 15,000 lbs. Capacity
Open/Closed Front General Service 4-Post Lift

Designed with productivity and safety in mind, our newly improved 15,000 lb 4-Post Lift would be a great addition to any shop floor. With several configurations available, you’re sure to find the lift to meet your needs.
Increase your customer base with this lift as it can accommodate and service a wide range of vehicles. Anything from a small passenger car to a medium-duty truck, and even medium-sized vans. All while boosting workplace safety with our open front design, assisting technicians moving around a vehicle’s frame.

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AR4115 Features:

  • All New & Wider 22" Runways

    • Open and closed front design for better ergonomics, allowing easy access to adjustment points on both standard or long length runway racks.

    • Improved 4-wheel alignment wheelbase for extended alignment capabilities allowing you to service both long and short wheelbase vehicles.

    • Louvered approach ramps prevent wheelspin and are more effective than diamond tread or abrasive strips.

  • 17 Locking Positions with Improved Lock Design

    • Keep you shop lookin stylish and clean with our new and improved all enclosed front column and crossbeam design. Expect a longer and smoother operational life with our UHMW internally encapsulated slide block.

    • Compatible with industry's latest imaging alignment systems.

    • Optional Alignment kit includes: rolling jacks, internal airline system, and stainless steel turn plates.

Lift Compatible Accessories

Rolling Jacks (Part #RJ15)

Air/Hydraulic Rolling Jack - 15,000 lb. capacity

Radius Gauges (Part #10500HD)

Black Powder Coat Turning Radius Gauges for (4030 Alignment Racks) 

Drive-thru Ramp (Part #4030-RA)

Drive-thru ramp assembly for 4030 four-post lifts.