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Challenger CLFP9

With a 9,000 lb. capacity and 10’ 7/8” overall column height, Challenger’s CLFP9 2-post is ideal for low ceiling applications. 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms provide maximum sweep, arm retraction, and reach.

An open-top design allow the CLFP9 to accommodate any vehicle height, making it a great addition to the home enthusiast garage as well as professional vehicle service shops. Other features include double-telescoping screw footpads to accommodate a wide range of lift points, a powder coated finish for maximum durability, plated arm pins and a heavy-duty chain and hydraulic lifting system with cable synchronization.

10′ 7/8” Overall Column Height, 78.125” Rise
137.5” Overall Width / 9,000 lb. Capacity
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  • Open top design accommodates any vehicle height.

  • 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms accommodate a wide range of common cars, trucks, vans as well as SUVs within the same service bay.

  • Electric/hydraulic heavy-duty chain lifting operation with cable equalization to reduce ceiling height requirement.

  • Premium double telescoping screw pads adjust to multiple heights minimizing the need for adapters.

  • Double Telescoping Screw Pads offer adjustable height to service vehicles with a wider variety of ground clearances. Rubber foot pads minimize stress to vehicles with delicate undercoating.

  • The CLFP9 lift is equipped with front & rear 3-stage triple telescoping arms. Challenger's versymmetric arm design offers both more extension and more retraction allowing you to reach a wider variety of pickup points.

  • The CLFP9 is equipped with a heavy-duty lifting chain and a cable equalization system to provide the smoothest, most stable lifting during operation.


Stack Adapter Kit

  • (4) 3 in. Stack Extensions

  • (2) 6 in. Stack Extensions

  • (2) Organizer Racks with hardware

Part #10315