Challenger Lifts

CL12 Adjustable Width

Challenger CL12 Adjustable Width

11' 11" Overall Height, 80.25" Rise Height  
 11' 10" - 12' 10" Overall Width / 12,000 lb. Capacity  
Available In Black, Blue, & Red

Challenger has added an "Adjustable Width" option to their 12,000 lbs. capacity CL12 2-Post lift. Accommodate a wide range of standard cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs within the same service bay with +6” & +1’ width adjustment and +1’ & +2’ height extension options. Standard features also include 3-Stage front and rear arms and premium telescoping footpads.  

CL12 Adjustable Width Features:

  • Premium telescoping screw pads adjust to multiple heights minimizing the need for additional adapters.

  • Adjustable columns allow for flexibility during installation.

  • Optional dual pendant controls improve spotting accuracy and allow lifting control from either column.

Lift Compatible Accessories

GM Footpad (Part # B2280PR)

Extra-wide heavy-duty polyurethane footpads designed for 2019 Chevy® Silverado® and GMC® Sierra® trucks. Sold in a set of 2.