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HD Elite

HD Elite Wheel Balancer

The best features of Hunter's Road Force® Elite make servicing heavy-duty bus and truck wheels even easier than before using patented vision system and diagnostic capabilities designed to solve vibration issues.

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HD Elite Features:

Match Dual Assemblies

  • Opposing High Spots: Dual tire assemblies with aligned high spots behave like single assemblies with runout. Marking and installing wheels with high spots 180 degrees opposed makes the dual assembly more round than the two assemblies alone and reduces vibration.

  • Unequal Load on Duals: Mismatched diameters on dual tires causes the larger tire to carry more load, thus generating more heat and reducing tire life. The lesser diameter tire may develop premature tire wear due to slippage relative to the road surface.

  • Revolutions per Mile: Dual tire assemblies with mismatched diameters cause the smaller tire to turn faster and thus be dragged along with the larger tire. For example, if one tire has just 1/8-in. less tread depth than the other, it will be dragged 33.3 feet per mile traveled.

Eliminate Wheel-Related Vibration

  • Unknown Force Vibrates Spindle: The customer notices strong vehicle vibrations. Vibration is transferred from the wheel through the steering column to the driver.

  • Specialized Sensors Measure Assembly: The HD Elite™ wheel balancer automatically measures runout (eccentricity) of a tire and wheel assembly. The roller measures the entire contact patch of the tire, detecting if the assembly is out-of-round.

  • Match-Mounting Cancels Vibration: Match-mounting the high spot on a tire to the low spot on a rim makes the assembly roll as smoothly as possible. Runout-related vibration is minimized, ensuring your customer a smoother ride and longer tire life.

ForceMatch Profit Center

  • Advertise your vibration diagnostics service to attract new customers. 

    Solving 2 new customers vibrations per month @ $120 per session, could generate:


    $2,106 Gross annual profit (30% labor & parts)

  • Comebacks are inconvenient to your customers, take time away from your service techs and could cost your business $1,800 in opportunity cost annually.

    1 Comeback per Month x 1.5 Hours to diagnose and fix x $100 Shop Rate


    $150 Opportunity cost monthly.