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Hunter Engineering TCX645HD

Operator-Friendly Design

  • Mobile Controller - Full access to controls when servicing the front or back of large assemblies. (Wireless optional)

  • Low Risk - Use powerful tools instead of bars or hammers. No lifting extremely heavy assemblies. 

Superior Wheel Accommodation

  • Versatile Jaws - Clamp center holes as small as 3.94 in, or rims as large as 46".

  • Optional Skidder Clamp - Useful when servicing difficult skidder style double drop center wheels.

  • Spring Loaded Hook/Disc Roller - Mount and demount the toughest tires with minimal risk of rim damage.

Convenient Functions

  • Two Speeds - Select high speed for bead loosening or easy assemblies.  Use low speed for the tough ones.

  • Speed Carriage Quickly - Shuttle the carriage from front to rear of the rim.

  • On-Board Storage - Keep standard and optional accessories organized.

Hunter Engineering TCX645HD

Whether your need is a capable, efficient machine for semi-truck tires, or a tire machine that will change skidder tires, Hunter has a model to suit. The TCX645HD can do all that, plus handle implement tires up to 90 inches in diameter.

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