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Revolution Tire Changer


Hunter Engineering Revolution Tire Changer
Model: TCR1H

Featuring semi-autonomous WalkAway mode, this tire changer from Hunter Engineering can save you up to 25% time on a 4 tire set with a 2-minute average service time on all wheel and tire types!. Leverless hooks and floating mount heads also work together to eliminate rim damage and keep your technicians safe from injury.

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Revolution Features:

Patented Leverless System

  • Automatically deploys to catch and lift even the stiffest beads.

  • Demount hook always avoids TPMS sensor - no risk of damage.

  • Mount head design is profiled to work with raised spoke and clad rims.

  • Floating mount head indents to reduce demounting stress.

Status Indicator Light

  • A status indicator light signals when the Revolution™ is operating autonomously, or when the technician is needed.

  • Steady Green - Revolution is running autonomously

  • Flashing Green - Autonomous task is complete

  • Steady Red- Operator required

Exclusive Powered Press Arms

  • Hunter's patented press arm system can be used for every tire with no time penalty. Ensure all tires are mounted properly the first time.

  • Press arms adjust automatically to rim diameter and are powered clockwise to prevent tire "stalling" on rim.

  • Arms are always positioned correctly to protect TPMS sensor.