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Hunter Engineering Center Clamp Tire Changer
Model: TC34R

Hunter offers four models of center-clamp tire changers for any need.  From the popular three button leverless Auto34 to more basic models, damage free operation is attainable for all budgets.

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TC34R Features:

Leverless Polymer Toolhead

  • No scratch polymer head functions as its own lever.

  • Head does not ride on the wheel face for scratch free operation.

Wheel Lift & Blast Inflation

  • Pick and place lift makes lifting and clamping heavy assemblies easy.

  • Handheld air blast nozzle directs burst where needed to seal beads.

Variable Speed & Powerful Drive

  • 0-14+ rpm forward speed is infinitely variable

  • Slow speed for reverse.

  • 860+ ft-lbs of torque won't stall on tough assemblies.